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The rise in demand for boutique student accommodation has opened up new avenues of opportunity within the property market, enabling investors to diversify their portfolios and generate additional revenue streams in a previously unheard of sector.

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What is a student pod?

A pod is an individual unit within a student accommodation residence. The term 'pod' usually refers to a basic room containing a bed, desk, wash stand and wardrobe with shared communal facilities, but here at we use it as a generic term that encompasses all student accommodation units (including en-suites and studios).

What is a HMO?

A HMO is a House in Multiple Occupation, meaning that there are more than 2 people living in the same property who are not members of the same family, sharing communal living spaces (oftentimes kitchens and bathrooms).These are usually family houses owned by private landlords.

What is PBSA?

PBSA (Purpose-Built Student Accommodation) is a property that has been specifically built to be occupied by students. Typically these are let and managed by a specialist provider.

What are the benefits of investing in student property?

Student accommodation is one of the strongest asset classes available on the investment market - with UK universities struggling to meet the growing demand for student accommodation, purpose-built student accommodation is more in demand than ever before. Its main appeals to investors is the fact that student property typically has higher yields and lower void periods compared to normal residential developments.

How do I purchase a pre-owned student pod or en-suite room?

Simple! It’s as easy as purchasing any other property in the UK. Find a property that suits your requirements, make an offer and then with the use of solicitors on both your side (the purchaser) and the seller’s (the vendor), the transaction will be executed.

Do I get full title?

Yes, buying a student room is like purchasing an apartment - you will hold a leasehold title.

Can I mortgage a room?

Currently mortgages aren’t available for student pods or rooms - it is a cash purchase or through using funds lent on another asset, i.e. the re-mortgage of another property.

Aren’t the units owned by the universities?

No, specialises in the resale of units NOT owned by universities. These accommodations are privately owned by investors or groups of investors for the purpose of income generation. The majority of the developments are managed by specialist operators and have affiliations with the local universities.

Why should I invest in this and not a HMO for example?

Student rooms or pods are generally in purpose-built or converted buildings, which house specialist facilities such as study areas, gyms, communal lounges, game rooms, media rooms, kitchens, and more. The bills (for domestic appliances, electricity and WiFi, etc.) tend to all be included in the rental price, which is more attractive to students as they are increasingly looking for an all-inclusive package.

In addition, as an owner of a block managed facility, you don’t need to worry about the upkeep of the building, including the roof, the windows, the garden and other maintenance items, as this will all be taken care of on your account by the development’s specialised on-site management team for a minor maintenance fee.

Why wouldn’t I buy one of the off-plan deals I see advertised?

You could do! Here at we sell these too, but buying a resale allows you as an investor to generate an immediate return. The developments have a track record and have been marketed heavily to students, meaning they will have high occupancy levels, and the quality of these developments is guaranteed.

Which areas should I look to buy in?

Many investors look at cities that they recognise as having large student populations. Whilst this is generally a good starting point, don’t forget that many of the smaller institutions have invested or are investing heavily in their infrastructure and expansion on campus. These areas are thus even more in need of quality student accommodation, which in return can means higher rents and lower void periods for you.

You should conduct due diligence on areas of investment before making a purchase, but if you need some specialist advice, our highly trained Client Liaison Consultants are perfectly placed to help!

Is this just a website or do you help with my sale/ purchase?

We are in fact a subsidiary of Knight Knox, a large UK-based leading provider of buy-to-let developments to the private investor market. We will help with your sale or purchase, point you in the right direction, give advice on the best price, offer help from solicitors who really understand this sector and more importantly, offer complete after-sales support every step of the way.

Can an overseas purchaser own a student room or do I need a British passport?

Just like a standard house purchase in the UK, anyone can own a student pod or room with full legal title. In fact, a high proportion of owners are foreign nationals who understand the UK education system and see the investment as a solid one and a good way to get a foot on the property ownership ladder in the UK – which for many is considered an extremely safe option.