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With the deadline for Brexit rapidly approaching, there have been concerns that the UK’s exit from the EU will deter foreign students from choosing UK as a destination for studying. However, new figures have revealed that these concerns are unfounded when it comes to applicants outside of the EU.

According to the latest figures from UCAS, a record 40,720 international students have been accepted on courses in UK universities for the current academic year - that is a 6% increase from…

New UCAS figures have revealed a significant increase of international students in the UK

UK Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) is one of the most vibrant investment markets in the world, as demonstrated by the latest big deals in the sector.

Investec, an international banking and wealth management group, is supporting US property developer CA Venture’s first investment in the UK with a £64m loan. This transaction represents Investec’s biggest investment into PBSA so far, with the bank saying that the future outlook for this type of investment looks promising.…

The latest big deals in the student accommodation sector

Market in focus: Chester

Chester is often overshadowed by its bigger and more well-known neighbours Liverpool and Manchester, but in reality, it has just as much potential when it comes to investing in the student market. Although it may look very quaint on the surface, Chester has plenty going on - from lively nightlife to a wealth of employment opportunities for students graduating from the city’s university. The city is also in the process of undergoing some major regeneration - there has already been a…

Market in focus: Chester

When investing in Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA), it is important to look for apartments in towns and cities where the most exciting and important work is being done as this will attract students from across the globe. Sunderland is a great example of this and is a city where any buy to let investor would do well to look if they want to diversify their portfolio.

The University of Sunderland is the beating heart of the city. Almost £130m has been invested in the…

Market in focus: Sunderland

UK student accommodation investment is becoming more popular every year. The latest report from Knight Frank shows that global investment in the sector reached an all-time high of US$16.3bn in 2018, representing significant growth from the US$15.9bn of transactions recorded in 2017.

The UK is right at the heart of this booming sector, with a record number of applications received ahead of the 2019/20 academic year according to UCAS. This includes a large proportion of international…

Where can the best student accommodation yields be found?