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All across the country, businesses from Wetherspoons, to offices, to supermarkets, have had to radically reconsider what daily life will look like as we all adjust to the new normal after the Coronavirus pandemic subsides.

There is little chance, it is thought, of seeing a successful vaccine before the end of the year and so with the virus now being successfully and significantly reduced around Europe after a horrific first wave, we are starting to adjust to a new reality.

Already we…

Universities prepare for post-Covid life

Universities, and education more broadly, have been one of the most disrupted industries in the country in the midst of the Coronavirus epidemic.

Schools, universities and all other places of education have been closed until further notice with students unable to complete their normal studies and courses. There have been some that managed to continue by holding classes online, but there has been nothing like normality since March.

This has raised some interesting questions and issues…

Short-term disruption, long-term growth

It’s hard to imagine in business terms an industry or sector that’s been disrupted quite as abruptly and totally as the higher education industry, given that thousands of students across Europe and the world almost instantly had their studies paused with no concrete idea of how they’d be completed.

Across the world, entire industries and businesses have had to adapt themselves and find new ways of working almost overnight. If anything, it’s been quite a good and interesting…

New student applications to skyrocket?

​The last few weeks have been some of the strangest and most uncertain in recent times. Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has completely taken over the world. You can’t switch on the news or scroll through the internet without seeing people talk about the disease, it has changed life as we know it for so many for the immediate future. The UK is currently in lockdown, people are having to work from home or not work at all and all non-essential stores, pubs and restaurants have been forced to…

The benefits of investing in student accommodation despite COVID-19

It’s hard to put your finger on exactly when it was that boutique student accommodation, or Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) started to become the dominant force in this asset class, but we’re probably moving somewhere back about a decade.

It’s been probably five years now since it emerged from being something of a niche to full blown mainstream investment avenue, and that was triggered by a number of enormous international funds becoming involved and buying vast…

The Changing Face of The High Street