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The student accommodation sector’s journey on its unprecedented boom is not about to end soon, according to property research specialists Knight Frank who have predicted that the market will continue to produce positive results.

The research specialists have predicted UK investment over the next 12 months to produce a colossal return of 9.2%. A simple mismatch between supply and demand in an extremely under-supplied market has stimulated this rise and led to an increase of 0.4% on…

Knight Frank Forecasts 9.2% Annual Returns from UK Student Accommodation Investment

Knight Frank Property Index

In 2012, universities and colleges were given the opportunity to recruit as many students who achieved A-Levels of at least AAB as they wished, after the government removed a cap which prior to this limited the numbers of students universities could take on-board.

These controls are set to be relaxed further in time for the recruitment process of 2013, giving Universities the chance to recruit an unlimited number of students who have received at least the lower grades of ABB.


The recent governmental changes in regards to the amount that universities in the UK can charge annually for their courses, was initially predicted to have a negative impact on student applications. Yet in reality, the figures reported by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) for the 2012/2013 academic year (the first year in which the tuition fee rise of £9,000 came into effect) only show a 7.4% drop, something which universities are keen to highlight as an…

Student applications continue to rise, in spite of UK tuition fee increase

Consistently out-performing traditional investments in the commercial property sector throughout 2011, student accommodation is proving that it is still the leading asset class when it comes to lucrative rental yields for investors.

The continuing shortage of purpose-built student accommodation throughout the UK is driving developers to diversify their portfolios into this profitable market, through a combination of refurbishment projects and new-build developments.

Where to…

As UK residential property prices continue to drop, investors are advised to turn their attention to a buoyant student accommodation market, as an assured way to expand and diversify their portfolio.

With the deluge of changes over the past two years in the way that universities in the UK are allowed to run, investors could be forgiven for thinking that the student accommodation market was an unfamiliar investment. However, recently published reports on this sector have highlighted…

Healthy Future for UK Student Housing Sector!

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