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Whether you agree or disagree with the idea that a monetised and marketised tertiary education sector values employability above almost all else, it’s an inescapable fact that when people are looking towards a university education they’re going to consider their employment prospects.

In the pursuit of seeking out the most effective investments in student accommodation, or Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA), it’s always worth taking into consideration where the drivers…

Best universities for graduate employment

For the third year in a row UK universities have come out on top of the Times Higher Education global universities rankings. Oxford and Cambridge universities took first and second respectively, marking the third year that Oxford sits at the top of the list.

Before the recent domination there had been some concern that US universities were breaking away to form a somewhat central grouping, but the resurgence of UK universities as a whole has given reassurance to those who were…

UK universities best in the world – again

Students are back at university and getting back down to studying as the winter gets closer and the days draw in. Universities, more popular now than almost ever before, are offering a wider variety of degree courses than at any other time.

In an age of competitive markets for tertiary education, the focus for big universities now is how to keep their courses fresh, how to keep them engaging and, most of all, make them good value for money.

Value for money can, of course, mean…

Which degrees are the best value for money?

Save the Student have released their annual National Student Money Survey 2018 and it has revealed which students spend the most money whilst at university and which spend the least.

Student landlords and investors are often keen on knowing which areas have students which are willing to spend the most as it’s often an indicator of how much students are willing to spend on accommodation and as such which areas will provide the best yields on property investments.

Aside from rent,…

Student survey reveals where in the UK students spend the most money

Thankfully for most students the period of gnawing anxiety before exam results and the potential chaos of trying to get through clearing have now passed and most are now settled into their new halls of residence waiting to start their journey through education and into the adult world.

We’ve seen this year that application and acceptance rates are at a continual healthy level and that higher education, in the whole, remains popular and is still inspiring kids to take the plunge and…

The easiest universities to get into