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As UK residential property prices continue to drop, investors are advised to turn their attention to a buoyant student accommodation market, as an assured way to expand and diversify their portfolio.

With the deluge of changes over the past two years in the way that universities in the UK are allowed to run, investors could be forgiven for thinking that the student accommodation market was an unfamiliar investment. However, recently published reports on this sector have highlighted…

Healthy Future for UK Student Housing Sector!

The Hub, Student Accommodation, Sheffield

Manchester based property investment firm, Knight Knox, has revealed that their latest student accommodation project is firmly on its way to being fully reserved, only three short weeks after coming onto the market.

Knight Knox have been advising investors for some time now about the lucrative deals to be made in the student accommodation sector, and their latest project, St. Ann’s Lodge, is certainly exceeding all expectations.

Ideally located in the leafy suburb of Headingley,…

£2m Leeds development soars as 75% of its units are reserved in the first three weeks!

St. Ann's Lodge, Headingley, Leeds