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The number of students accepted by universities is rising to new levels. After a record amount of applications to UCAS, universities are expanding to accommodate the ever-growing mass of prospective students.

Statistically there are a staggering 30,000 more places available at universities in comparison to 2013. This is equivalent to the entire population of the University of Birmingham. It means that, for the first time ever, an expected 500,000 students will be allocated places…

Students Are Calling The Shots As University Places Rise

Graduate vacancies are set to increase by up to 17% this year, according to the latest survey from the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR).

The report showed that the majority of sectors are showing growth in graduate vacancies, furthering belief that the UK economy is continuing to recover strongly following the crash of the market in 2008.

The most thriving sectors in terms of job creation were the banking and financial service industries, where graduate vacancies are set to…

Graduate Vacancies Set to Increase by 17%

Graduates now 17% more likely to get jobs!