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Creating the perfect student accommodation is a delicate balance between providing the facilities students want, finding a convenient location and offering it all for those on a student budget. Recent reports indicate that topping the lists of ‘what students want from accommodation’ are quality white goods, which 83% of those polled said they wanted. This is no surprise as student accommodation is often a young adults’ first taste of independent living, so having quality white…

What Do Students Want from Accommodation?

As new students prepare to start their university life, the Telegraph has reported that a certain number of these students will actually move into accommodation which is still owned by their parents.

This is because some parents are now choosing to purchase new-build buy-to-let properties for their studious sons or daughters, instead of paying the high rents now required for their children to live in privately owned student accommodation.

The Telegraph believes that this is a…

The Telegraph – ‘Increasing Numbers of Parents are Buying Student Buy-to-Lets for their Children’

More students are moving into buy-to-let apartments bought by their parents