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When investing in student accommodation it is vital to always bear in mind the needs and wants of your future student tenants. Students are just like everyone else in that they will have little to no interest in living miles away from the facilities and amenities which they need from day to day.

The main point of attending university is to earn a high quality education and learn some of the skills which will serve you for the rest of your life. Learning how to write, read and research…

Leeds and Sheffield in UK’s top ten for “student experience”

Top UK universities by region

The rise of purpose built student accommodation and the spiralling costs of halls of residence mean a change in the status quo is likely.

Living in halls of residence at university has traditionally been something of a necessity and a rite of passage for new first year students. Halls are the place where you adjust to living on your own. They are where you are forced to branch out and meet a whole set of new people for the first time in many years.

Traditional university halls…

Spiralling Cost Of Traditional University Halls

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