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The performance of the UK student housing market was nothing short of spectacular in 2015. Savills report that 74,500 beds were traded over the year for a combined value of £5.9bn. This represents more than twice as much economic activity in the market as occurred in 2014.

According to Savills, the strength of the market in 2015 can be simply explained as a surge in sales of large portfolios by career investors looking to cash out and reap the rewards of the student market. Another…

2015 the best ever year for student accommodation

It’s been a good few years recently for student accommodation; investment and quality are on the rise whilst rents have stayed fairly stable. In the not too distant past many students experiences were epitomised by living in large dilapidated buildings with 8 others to an apartment. Shared bathroom and kitchen with a box room at extortionate prices anybody?

Things have gradually improved and students are starting to see big projects going up in their cities with increasing…

Student accommodation set for massive investment

On the third of April 2014 Universities and Science Minister David Willetts gave a speech to the Universities UK (UUK) conference in London about the economic impact that Universities have on the economy and their immediate local area. In the speech Willetts pointed out that the UK higher education (HE) sector contributed an output of over £73 billion and more than 750,000 full-time jobs in 2011 to 2012. This equates to 2.8% of gross domestic product (GDP) - up from 2.3% in 2007 to…

Universities are fuelling economic prosperity in the North.