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After a momentous victory for the leave campaign was announced on Friday morning there was a slide into chaos.The market and the pound fell off a cliff, the prime minister resigned and the opposition descended into civil war. All in all it wasn’t a fantastic first day of freedom but as of Tuesday the markets have recovered, the pound is rising and a plan seems to be forming for Brexit. Crisis? What Crisis?

There is the issue of students though and with one of the biggest…

How Brexit will affect students and universities.

Britain will lose its place as a “global leader in science and innovation” if voters turn their back on the European Union in this week’s referendum, around 100 universities warn today. In a letter to The Independent the vice chancellors of almost every major higher education institution in the country say they are “gravely concerned” about the impact of Brexit. The signatories include the heads of Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Bristol and all of the UK universities in top 50…

Top universities back remain

As the amount of days until the EU referendum has now reached single digits many are starting to seriously question what could happen in the event of an exit. Sterling is currently experiencing a torrid time and the markets are volatile as uncertainty grows.

The property market in general has held fairly strong but with the double whammy of the referendum and stamp duty increases concerns have grown quickly about the possibility of a significant slowdown. There was a gold rush of…

Student property resistant to ‘Brexit’ dangers

The popular investment index Lendinvest have this week released its latest figures showing which university towns are showing the best yields for property investors. There are a few surprises in the list but some that won’t come as a shock to many.

As investors are looking for increasingly diverse investment portfolio student accommodation has become an ideal area for low initial capital investment with high returns. Further advantages to student ‘pod’ investment are that…

Which University towns give landlords the best yields?