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As the new academic year approaches with pace there has potentially never been a more uncertain time for international students embarking on their studies in the UK.

It is genuinely hard to recall a more tumultuous week for British politics since Thatcher was deposed as Prime Minister in the early 90’s and in the space of one month it’s reasonable to say that we’ve had about a year’s worth of frantic political activity. Since the EU referendum all but one of the leaders of…

How will EU students cope after Brexit?

There’s been a big surge in building for Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) recently. In the big cities and large urban centres it’s been especially popular as student numbers continue to increase and universities struggle to accommodate them. Recently the government allowed universities to remove their student caps meaning they can accept many more students over an academic year, a move which will place increased strain on the existing stock of student accommodation. In…

Can student accommodation go green?

Research has emerged that suggests in key cities such as Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham may require as many as 15,000 more student accommodation rooms to meet demand. As student accommodation demand increases at unprecedented speed developers and universities are struggling to meet those needs. Thousands of new applicants are expected over the coming academic years and as it stands many city centres simply don’t have the resources to provide them with housing. Many…

15,000 more student beds needed in key UK cities

It’s been a recurring theme and concern in the media over the last few years. Just how will young people get on to the housing ladder? How will they afford to save up a deposit? Is there a big enough stock to satisfy the demand out there?

All valid questions for sure but more often than not annalists are quick to point out the problem with no sign of a proposed solution. The latest figures released show that house prices are just short of ten times the average income in the UK,…

Is student accommodation helping the housing crisis?