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A new study released today has shown that Northern cities are overwhelmingly better performers than anywhere else in the UK for buy-to-let properties. Yields, capital gains and tenancy demand are higher in cities like Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool than the likes of London and Southampton by a large margin.

Property Partner, a crowd funding property investment website, compiled the list in anticipation of the new academic year which begins for most in early September. Manchester, for…

Northern cities dominate university buy-to-let scene

A recent survey has highlighted issues facing students across the UK as the new academic year approaches. Among major concerns were high debt and accommodation concerns. Many are worried about the implications of taking on large amounts of personal debt as well as the possibility of low quality accommodation.

Students’ satisfaction with their university experience remains high amid concerns over debt rises, according to a major new report. Satisfaction has remained high but saw a…

High student satisfaction levels masks concerns

As the new academic year approaches at speed, Universities across the land are facing new and increasing challenges.

The removal of grants for students starting their courses this year is set to have an effect on university applications. Funding for poorer students has been, until now, largely absorbed by government grants awarded to students from a low-income background. In the most recent budget, however, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne MP, declared these…

The new academic year approaches and universities are facing new challenges