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As swathes of university students arrive at their new accommodation for the academic year it has been reported from numerous universities and student unions that students are facing an availability crisis. Thousands of students have been reporting to their unions and support networks that they’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to find affordable accommodation that provides good value for money.

At the University of Salford, a specific task force has been formed to help…

Universities face fresh accommodation crisis

As students are preparing to embark on or return to their university journeys across the UK, startling figures have emerged showing the struggles some students will face in repaying their student debt. Among the worst hit are middle-income families whose children may never repay their loans.

Graduates from middle-income families can only fully repay student loans if they pursue high-paying medicine or law careers, a study has suggested. The majority will be unable to pay them off…

Only doctors and lawyers will ever be able to pay off their student loans

A-level results were released across the country recently and there have been some astonishing figures quoted. A record number of students have been accepted to universities across the UK amid widespread gloom about student funding.

Many students will be celebrating as a record number of offers were made – 424,000 according to UCAS, up 3% on 2015. Young people from the UK are 4% more likely to have been placed in higher education than last year. This was the highest number of…

Record Numbers of students have achieved university places in 2016