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As the student property market has hit the mainstream in the UK over recent years, more attention has been paid to the growing need for quality accommodation across the country. Studentpodshop has covered at length the shortfall in available student housing across the UK which, according to many, is approaching crisis point.

As student numbers continue to soar there simply isn’t enough available housing in the most popular university destinations such as Manchester, London,…

Europe and the US follow UK trends in student accommodation

As the new academic year gets in full swing, the crisis in student housing has been laid bare by new research highlighting that, in some areas, there are as many as five students for every available room. Demand is so high that rents have been pushed up by 10% meaning that students need to find more money from their loans and bursaries just to find accommodation of any quality.

Demand for student rooms in some cities is so high that competitive rent pricing will leave students £600…

Student rents rise by 10%

The Sterling hasn’t been having a good time recently, crashing through the floor most memorably just after the Brexit vote in June. Since then it’s sat at a 30 year low and has shown no signs of recovery. In contrast to this though the FTSE 100, the UK’s leading stock market, has been soaring and enjoying huge highs as investment pours in to the country’s top companies.

The contrast has been stark and has signalled a gold rush for foreign investors looking to capitalise on…

Will the crash in the Pound lead to an investment rush in student housing?

As many students settle in to their new accommodation for the year they may be forgiven for thinking that their surroundings are a little modest in comparison to the latest student apartment to hit the market – a £12.5 million home in Mayfair. Rent on the supersized property is a staggering £4,000 a week.

Agents say 80 per cent of enquiries for the Mayfair townhouse — the only one with a front door in Park Lane — have come from students from the Gulf region or their parents.…

The £12.5 million student home