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As the New Year approaches and landlords begin to look towards their portfolios and potential investments for the next twelve months, we have taken a look at some UK student investment hotspots both established and emerging.

With student property investment becoming ever more popular, there is a serious demand for high quality and profit-turning student investments. The big cities are established and well-worn markets, but there is always value to be sought in both traditional and…

Student hotspots – Where to invest

Student accommodation is an incredibly popular asset class among all types of investors – students always need housing. Students are, however, becoming increasingly savvy and landlords are required to ensure that their properties are of the high quality students now demand. Here we discuss what makes a good student property investment.

Choose location wisely

Location is always a key consideration when investing in property. With student numbers increasing all the time,…

A guide to investing in student property

Following on from the European Union Referendum June there have been concerns that an economic contraction could occur across various sectors. Figures of 0.5% GDP growth for the third quarter of the year have largely allayed these concerns for now but, generally speaking, growth has been moderate.

In contrast to the construction, retail and service sectors, property has been a star performer with strong capital gains and yields setting it apart. The Private Rented Sector (PRS) has…

Student accommodation rental income grows by a quarter in 7 years