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Leaving home to go to university is a prospect tough enough to intimidate anybody, let alone young people between 17 and 21. It is an age where the choices that you make can affect the rest of your life. Location, career, friends and other factors are all influenced by the choices that you make after you leave school. It’s no surprise then that a significant number of young people regret the choices they make when the pressure is high from parents, teachers and peers.

This has been…

One in five students regret their choice of University

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed that the UK will leave the EU’s single market, causing some uncertainty for property investors. However, the student property market has remained resilient and robust as ever.

“I want to be clear - what I am proposing cannot mean membership of the single market”, said Theresa May as she pledged to withdraw the UK from the European Union’s internal market. Regardless of her decision, the EU would not allow Britain to remain since the…

Brexit: How will Britain leaving the EU single market affect the student property market?

One issue which often crops up in discussions with students who have completed their first year of study is whether they should move into a shared house with their friends from university or whether they should continue to rent Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA).

It is a difficult question to answer as it mostly depends on personal preference and what students want from their living situations. What is the most important thing to each individual? A good social atmosphere?…

Shared houses vs Purpose Built Student Accommodation: Which is better for students?

One of the biggest decisions landlords face is whether to furnish student property.

The number of university students in the UK has substantially increased in recent years with a total of 535,200 people entering UK higher education in 2016. That is a 0.5% increase in entry rates since 2015 but a 3.7% increase since 2014, as stated by a UCAS report. With student properties providing high and solid yields, and there being a big imbalance between supply and demand, it remains an…

Furnishing student accommodation

2017 is in full swing and, at least for the next few weeks, we should expect hopeful and upbeat forecasts across the markets. After all, 2016 would be hard to beat for the sheer crazy highs and lows in economic terms. Following the referendum result, Sterling fell off a cliff, the FTSE panicked, and people predicted that the housing market would go down while commercial property performance at one point looked to be on life support before recovering and getting back to business as…

Student property this week