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One of the strongest indicators of potential success for those looking to invest in student property is whether the nearby institutions are actually growing or whether they are contracting. The numbers for 2016 have recently been released by UCAS and offer some encouraging news for investors looking at the North and the Midlands.

Choosing a good location can be tricky for potential student landlords, with the question of whether to go for an already established or an up-and-coming…

Which universities are growing the fastest?

In recent years, the student property investment market has been absolutely booming. As universities’ own stocks of accommodation have been dwindling and falling into a state of disrepair, many have been willing to take up the challenge and provide students with boutique, high quality housing. That willingness has paid off too, with profits for many increasing year-on-year as student numbers continue to grow and universities look at ways to increase their intake.

It has largely…

Big companies enter the student property market

For almost as long as universities have been around, attendance has often meant moving away from home and living in accommodation provided for you by the institution. This is still the case today but, increasingly, the dominance of university-owned housing is being challenged by privately-owned alternatives.

The figures for 2016 are not in yet, but 2015 saw approximately £5.8bn worth of student accommodation traded on the open market, and the figures for 2016 are unlikely to be less…

Record month for student lets in January

Northern cities are emerging as the highest-yielding locations for student property investment.

The North-South divide still applies when it comes to student buy-to-let investments as student property demand increases. Liverpool boasts one of the largest universities in the UK with a student population of approximately 70,000, an increase of 16% since 2016. While a large number of students isn’t necessarily a silver bullet for investment returns, high student demand and low student…

Investing in Student Property: Liverpool spotlight

Following the vote to leave the European referendum in June 2016, a raft of negative news coverage appeared and caused anxiety for those who rely on European support for their studies or profession. Nowhere felt it more than the higher education sector, with institutions across the country relying heavily on European students.

In towns and cities with large student populations, local businesses often rely heavily on students to fill job vacancies. Notwithstanding the huge spending…

How universities are adapting their recruitment strategies post-Brexit