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The academic year is nearing its conclusion and many students will be finishing their studies in May. Once final assignments and exams are completed in mid-to-late May most will relax in their accommodations whilst they wait for their lease to expire in June.

Applications to universities for the 2017/2018 academic year have already been reported as very healthy and roughly in line with what was reported last year. First year students from across the UK and the world are still keen to…

How are developers attracting students to their luxury developments?

The UK has been hugely successful in attracting overseas students to higher institutions in the country, welcoming more international undergraduates than any other country other than the USA. These international students have contributed enormously to economic growth in recent years, supporting more job opportunities and generating wealth through living and social costs.

Britain is a proven global destination for higher education, with its universities showing strongly in the world…

Overseas students contribute £25 billion to the UK economy

Brexit – we’re all fairly sick of having to discuss or hear about a subject matter that has been dominating the news for what feels like an eternity now. News, public discussion, business meetings and even conversations with family can often consist of European related agendas. However, the reality is that we may have to put up with the unrelenting bombardment for some time longer.

Working under the assumption that readers of this article are either students, student landlords or…

The future of international students – is it secure?

The growth in student property has been staggering. According to a 2016 Knight Frank report, the Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) investment market had a record year with £5.1bn of transactions. Of the 49,271 student bedrooms transacted, over 46% were acquired by large scale investors. The North West, for example, saw 6,524 student beds bought over the year. Despite this record and staggering growth, a massive 64% of students in Manchester, and 60% in Leeds and Sheffield, are…

Will the growth in student property cause a local backlash?

There is no escaping the fact that the cost of university is on the rise. After the controversial cap came into effect in 2012 (effectively nearly trebling the cost of tuition fees from £3,000 per year to over £9,000 per year), students are getting into more and more debt for the sake of their education.

According to the National Union of Students (NUS), the average expenditure to live and study in the UK (excluding London) is now a massive £22,189 per academic year—£10,133…

The 17 most expensive universities in the UK