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As the university year begins to draw to its conclusion, many student accommodation landlords have begun to set their sights at the upcoming academic year in September and are thinking about growing their portfolio.

Rental yields and capital gains over the past year have been excellent and some of the best seen by current landlords. The ever-increasing student numbers could go some way to explaining why this has been the case. Attending university in the UK remains incredibly popular…

Our investment highlights for April

A report from leading industry analysts Universities UK has predicted a significant increase in the number of people choosing to undertake a degree apprenticeship in England over the future.

The degree apprenticeship was introduced in 2015 and enables apprentices to split their time equally between the university and the workplace. The aim is for students to gain the advantages of both learning environments, better preparing them for the workplace at the same time as giving them a…

Significant increase in degree apprenticeships predicted

Despite some concerns that the amount of student accommodation in city centres is creating an issue of oversupply, there has recently been a big money deal agreed in Manchester this week for a block of student apartments that will now be redeveloped.

Some communities have been expressing concern to planning committees and council representatives that student accommodation was becoming overwhelming, but there has been growing evidence that in fact there simply isn’t enough to supply…

£10 million deal reached in Manchester for new accommodation

Universities are often the beating heart of a city and the highly skilled graduate workers which they produce allow the country to function. Doctors, engineers, teachers, dentists, and many more – all are trained in our universities and all contribute to the modern society which we so enjoy.

However, when all these professionals are students they tend to get a bad rap. The stereotype of students as a destructive force in the local community, interested in nothing more than drinking…

The impact a university has on a city