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Following on from the shock General Election result earlier this month it is interesting to note that Labour’s over performance correlated with them promising students the abolishment of tuition fees. Although not a singular case, and perhaps coincidental, it is hard to shake the feeling that a party that was so boosted by a high youth turnout didn’t benefit from tapping in to the zeitgeist of youth culture which appears to cherish inclusivity, tolerance and fairness above all else.…

One in three graduates: University wasn’t worth it

The higher education market is defined in many ways by how much everything costs and who pays for it. Before the introduction of tuition fees in September 1998 by Tony Blair’s Labour government of the time, higher education was free to all. The state paid costs in recognition of the fact that an educated populace is a public good and beneficial for all. Since then however, the debt burden has fallen on the students themselves.

The amount of money that students have to pay for their…

UK student debt soars to more than £100bn

Student buy-to-let is a great opportunity for many investors to expand their portfolio. With low entry points and high rental yields, there are plenty of reasons why the student investment market is currently thriving.

One of the main advantages of investing in Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) is the fact that, unlike university-run halls, private rooms can be rented for 51 weeks of the year, as opposed to exclusively during term time.

University halls which are only…

The perks of investing in private student halls

New research carried out by the Mistoria Group has shown a huge rise in demand in the rental sector in Liverpool, highlighting a great opportunity for buy-to-let investment as rents are set to soar.

The analysis has shown that demand for property has risen by 19% year on year across the city, with 6.6 tenants fighting for each individual room.

This research only goes to strengthen the argument to invest in the already booming buy-to-let market in the North-West. With the growth…

New research shows Liverpool to be a student property investment hotspot

In a report by, it was mentioned that in 2015, the sector experienced unprecedented investment volumes, with c. 75,000 PBSA beds transacting at a total value of c. £5.9bn, double the volume seen in 2014.

It’s a figure that may surprise many, but won’t shock those who are now old hands in the Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) asset class. A class which until recently has been considered an alternative investment class has now transformed, fairly rapidly, into an…

Student PBSA, how is it performing?