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With the new academic year approaching in September and students up and down the UK preparing for their first year at university, everybody seems keen to jump on the Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) bandwagon.

With reliable rental yields, good capital appreciation and a relatively low point of entry, it has become extremely attractive for those with an interest in property investment. For some years now the number of students accepted by UK universities has been rising…

The buildings that could become the student accommodation of the future

A level results revealed

It is not surprising that youngsters are now taking their education more seriously as the national education system more or less now centres on preparing college and sixth form students for university. Couple that with average student debts upon graduation of up to £50,000, and it is no surprise that education is considered to be serious business.

This year has marked the first time in six years that top A Level marks have increased across England Wales. This has followed a major…

A level results revealed

Classically, the summer period has been the ideal time for prospective and potential student landlords to start taking a look at new investments for the coming academic year starting in September. It has been a bumper year so far for the asset class with no signs that things are going to slow down.

With major European, US and worldwide investors and funds getting in on the act, it’s not difficult to see why Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) is a hot topic among investors…

Student landlords most Frequently Asked Questions, answered

As September draws closer and students ready themselves for the start of another busy academic year, StudentPodshop takes a look at some of the best PBSA opportunities currently on the market.

Great Value

Nelson Square, Bolton

Situated in up and coming Bolton, Greater Manchester, Nelson Square is perfectly located near a university which has seen rapidly increasing popularity over recent years.

Bolton has extremely good transport links with both its university and Manchester city…

Our highlights for the new academic year

There appears to be a growing consensus north of Hadrian’s Wall that property investment in Scotland has been, and continues to, slow down post-Brexit. Despite the drop-off in interest in residential property there does seem to be one asset class which is flourishing in this environment, Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA).

Universities across the country are reportedly looking to pour hundreds of millions of pounds into facilities across their sites in order to compete with…

PBSA attracting attention in Scotland