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As student landlords it’s always pertinent to remember that as profitable and successful as the Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) asset class is, it relies on students being able to get sufficient and fair funding from the government to be able to study.

Student rents are, more often than not, paid for by student finance and as such it’s important for landlords to remember that their income relies on the government encouraging young people and those looking to further…

Student Finance: Is there enough support?

Manchester and Liverpool dominate North West university league table

The complete university guide has released its latest rankings for 2018 and has provided definitive rankings for each area of the country.

As the North West quickly becomes the go to area for Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) investors, we took a look at the rankings and what student numbers for these universities means for investors in the North West.

1. Lancaster University

Located, according to its…

Manchester and Liverpool dominate North West university league table

Following on from the June election Theresa May’s Conservative party look to be attempting to bring young voters who feel let down back into the fold.

In what appears to be an obvious reaction to the incredible statistics that were released after the election results, showing an incredible 63.66% of 18 to 30 year olds voted Labour, Theresa May has been giving interviews as part of the Tory conference suggesting she will freeze tuition fees.

Given the fact that youth vote increased…

Prime Minister aims to win over students

There have been a slew of negative stories recently about students and their prospects going forward. Following this, some universities have come under pressure to explain themselves regarding very high dropout rates for some courses.

This has led some to question whether, given the relatively high cost of university, it’s really worth bothering at all?

Those claims are, of course, ludicrous and it’s as true as it ever was that a university education is extremely valuable to…

University and the future, what trends can we expect?