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The Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) asset class is now barely recognisable, considering what it was like even five years ago. Whether we like it or not, students and higher education have become big business since the introduction of tuition fees in 1998.

Originally just £1,000 per term, and means tested, the majority of tuition fees are now just shy of £10,000 per term, with student debt in some circumstances exceeding £50,000 by the time students have graduated.…

Will student accommodation investment grow further in 2018?

With the budget, a new financial year approaching and financial times changing quickly, we look into what potential changes we might see in the Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) asset class in the coming month.

As the popularity of PBSA continues to grow almost exponentially along with yields and rental growth, we may reasonably expect for changes and further regulation to be applied to the market. Far from being the fringe asset class that it once was, PBSA is fast becoming…

Potential Changes to Student Property

Recycling and environmentally friendly practices are big business right now; the so called ‘green sector’ was worth more than £46bn to the UK economy in 2016 according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Business is constantly finding new ways to innovate in environmental practices; whether that’s fashion companies using renewable materials or the UK government announcing that it plans to ban diesel cars.

Property, it seems, has noted the trend and architectural…

Architectural salvage and student accommodation

An online estate agent has sought to definitively rank the best university towns and cities in terms of return on investment, and there was little surprise when the results revealed that from the midlands northwards represents the best value.

Landlords who have been looking toward Oxford and Cambridge for investments have been warned against the famous old cities in favour of the North.

The research, conducted by online estate agency Hatched, found Leicester had the lowest average…

Student landlords advised to look North

Following a number of high profile events relating to building safety globally this year, fire safety and other building concerns have been a pressing and urgent issue for landlords and management companies.

This has meant that a review has been underway across many of the UK’s high rise buildings, including buildings of multiple occupation. This, of course, has included student accommodation as many of the Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) properties house hundreds of…

Are older student properties becoming dangerous?