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The Prime Minister, in a surprising turn, has this week announced that she will be looking into the costs of a university education in the UK and has indicated that we’re one of the most expensive countries in the world.

Research has concluded that the average student leaves university with debts upwards of £50,000, which has caused deep-rooted resentment amongst young people and especially young voters.

After the relative disaster of the 2017 election, where Theresa May’s…

Tuition fee review: What to expect

The University of Manchester has announced that they have received £3.3m funding for a ‘Creative Manchester’ scheme which looks to support the ever growing creative sector in the city.

New research shows that Manchester benefits from the fastest growing creative industry outside of the capital, with 7,475 more jobs in the sector than there were just two years ago. The ‘Creative Nation’ report by Nesta illustrates that Manchester’s creative industry is experiencing growth in…

The University of Manchester to support the city’s creative industries

By this point, the rise of student accommodation as an investment class is not exactly breaking news. Investors from around the world are buying into the sector thanks to the high rental yields, reliable tenancies and relatively low entry points.

The latest UK Student Housing Spotlight report from Savills highlights both the strength and growth of the sector. A total of 68,000 beds were traded in the UK to a total value of £4.5bn in 2016, and the report predicted that the total for…

Is private student accommodation good for universities?

In a study released in June last year, Higher Education Policy Unit and the Higher Education Academy (HEA) found that “the proportion of those who thought they had “good” or “very good” value is now at 35 per cent – the lowest level record - compared to more than 50 per cent five years ago.”

As reported by The Independent, many students had begun to feel like the service they were receiving from their universities, in terms of tutoring, study materials and career…

Is university good value for money?