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The number of students entering UK universities seems to somehow be a matter of debate each year; different research bodies have different figures, even though the pool of new undergraduates is presumably of a fixed size.

The problem comes in when figures saying there is a decrease are given more weight than more stable figures. With the attention student accommodation investment is getting only growing, many investors understandably might be worried at a lack of tenants – but is…

Should reports of falling student numbers worry investors?

When it comes to selling student accommodation, we know what we are doing. We only offer properties to investors that we know will appeal to the end tenant – after all, there is no point in investing in something which offers nothing that students actually want.

But what exactly is it that your potential tenant is looking for? Here are 5 things to keep an eye out for when surveying a potential investment:


If a property is not within walking distance or easy public…

Top 5 things students want from their accommodation

It almost seems a little late in the game for students to now be collectively organising to demand a say on the Brexit process, with it being less than a year before the UK leaves the EU. Negotiations are, if not at an advanced stage, well underway with not much time until the government needs to lay out its concrete approach.

However, with just 10 months until the UK starts its route to departure, nearly one million students have co-signed a letter demanding a “people’s vote”…

Students demand a say on Brexit

The student housing sector is growing all the time. The latest reports from CBRE place the total value of investment into student accommodation at £4.86bn in 2017. The performance from Q1 2018 was even better, with £975m of sales recorded.

Jo Winchester, head of student accommodation at CBRE, said: “Student accommodation continues to perform well, attracting large scale investment from all types of investor, but with the market dominated by larger operator purchasers and portfolio…

How to get the best student tenants

For those who have already invested in student property, it perhaps won’t come as a major surprise that the quality of accommodation consistently ranks near the top of student priorities when it comes to choosing where to study.

Many universities rank highly in league tables purely for the quality of their education and teaching, but things like nightlife, culture and affordability are also important to students.

There has been new research released recently by The Times Higher…

How good accommodation helps universities