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Save the Student have released their annual National Student Money Survey 2018 and it has revealed which students spend the most money whilst at university and which spend the least.

Student landlords and investors are often keen on knowing which areas have students which are willing to spend the most as it’s often an indicator of how much students are willing to spend on accommodation and as such which areas will provide the best yields on property investments.

Aside from rent,…

Student survey reveals where in the UK students spend the most money

Thankfully for most students the period of gnawing anxiety before exam results and the potential chaos of trying to get through clearing have now passed and most are now settled into their new halls of residence waiting to start their journey through education and into the adult world.

We’ve seen this year that application and acceptance rates are at a continual healthy level and that higher education, in the whole, remains popular and is still inspiring kids to take the plunge and…

The easiest universities to get into

The majority of student accommodation landlords choose to use a professional lettings and management agency to rent out their property and then take care of both the tenancy arrangements and the ongoing maintenance.

This is what most landlords prefer for obvious reasons; running a tenancy is a serious commitment in time, energy and money which can end up being more stressful than it is worth. Why not let a professional agency take care of everything for what is, at the end of the day,…

What do you need to know to be a full-time landlord?

With the cost of UK university tuition hitting an average of approximately £30,000, there is no question that going through higher education is expensive. But even with that in mind demand for luxury student accommodation continues to increase, particularly in the north of the country where the number of student beds continues to rise in order to maintain demand and attract new students into the future.

Cities like Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester and Liverpool are all experiencing a…

Demand for luxury student accommodation in the North rises

It is now just six months until the UK formally starts its journey of leaving the European Union, and we’re not much wiser with regards to what that’s likely to entail just yet. This is one of the possible explanations for a startling increase in applications from European students looking to study at UK universities in the upcoming academic year.

Recent figures from UCAS show a marked increase in international student applications, which many have seen as hugely encouraging signs…

Rise in European applications to UK