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The minister for universities, Chris Skidmore, has issued a firm warning to student landlords who are providing poor accommodation to their tenants, stating that ‘time is up’ for them and that they need to improve the living standards of their accommodation or face being taken to court.

Speaking to students, the minister believed that there are too many rogue landlords ‘exploiting’ students by not fulfilling their responsibilities and providing accommodation that doesn’t meet…

Universities minister warns rogue landlord to up their standards or face legal action

The growth of private student accommodation is one of the biggest changes to the university experience in the last decade. These purpose-built student rental homes have pushed up living standards for students and helped to regenerate town and city centres across the UK.

A recent survey from the National Union of Students (NUS) demonstrates the extraordinary growth of the sector, finding that the split of student accommodation between universities and the private sector is now 50/50.…

Private student accommodation makes up 50% of the market

The UK is home to some of the world’s best higher education institutions, revered by academics globally for their contribution to research.

Not only do universities make a huge contribution academically, though, they also create jobs, help geographically disperse talent across the regions, boost local economies and nurture innovation.

To encourage this, the government has announced a new £10m cash injection to help strengthen the relationship between local businesses and…

Universities to partner with local business in order to drive UK economy forward