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As a landlord, renting a property to students is a rewarding venture; the demand for student accommodation is strong and you can achieve excellent rental returns. However, letting to students doesn’t come without its concerns, especially as students tend to have a reputation of being somewhat irresponsible. However, according to a survey by the broadband and utilities provider Glide, this stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to this generation of students.…

Debunking the myths about student tenants

The rise of private student accommodation has been rapid over the past decade, with the sector now making up 50% of the entire market. Considering how ingrained the traditional university-owned hall of residence is in the student consciousness, this is an impressive feat.

We have previously outlined how the scale of this change represents a ‘handing over’ of responsibility for university accommodation to private developers, and how 2019 is likely to see record breaking statistics

What makes private student accommodation so popular?