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The talk of the higher education world this week has been Oxford and Cambridge falling down various league tables. This is almost unprecedented and has shocked many. The latest edition of the Guardian University Guides saw Oxford fall to third place, with the Scottish university St. Andrews taking its place in second behind Cambridge. Conversely, Oxford rose from fifth to fourth in the latest international university rankings table compile by data research group QS, with Cambridge…

Should you invest near the best universities?

A recent report by Knight Frank has revealed that investment in Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) has reached an all-time high of US$16.3bn, surpassing the previous high of US$15.9bn invested in 2017.

Further research by Real Capital Analytics also revealed that cross-border investment accounted for approximately 40% of the total investment over the past three years. The United Kingdom is a key player in terms of cross-border investments with the private student accomodation…

Global investment into PBSA has reached a record high