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The past decade has seen purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) go from strength-to-strength and now, the sector has overtaken university-owned accommodation and accounts for over half of student beds in the UK. In the past ten years, investment into PBSA has proved to be extremely prosperous - in research carried out by Knight Frank last May, it was revealed that investment into PBSA reached a record high of USD $16.3 billion which surpassed the previous high of USD $15.9 billion…

PBSA is set to be the investment of choice for the 2020s

Student property investment is one of the highest performing asset classes in the UK. Even during the financial crisis of 2007, the student housing sector proved itself to be one of the most lucrative property investment options, as it continued to retrieve high yields for its investors along with continuously high occupancy rates. Fast forward to 2019 and the market is still extremely strong, with the National landlords Association finding that student tenants generate above average…

Student Accommodation Must Have’s