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Since Student Number Controls were removed back in 2015, many universities have seen a huge surge of interest from students and now UK higher education is larger than ever, with around 1.84 million students currently studying at UK universities. According to the most recent Student Accommodation Report by Cushman and Wakefield, the number of students in the UK has increased by 2.6% in 2019 and the October deadline for UCAS applications suggested that there has been a 4% increase in…

UK universities are experiencing an increase in demand

According to new figures from Real Estate advisors, JLL, the UK student housing market is now valued at an estimated £5.2 billion and is expected to continue to grow at a very impressive rate.

Student property investment is constantly named as one of the most lucrative investment opportunities and JLL’s latest UK Living Capital Market report only solidifies this claim. Student housing is now the number one Living investment after a drastic increase in the volume of high-value deals…

UK Student Housing Market stands at £5.2 billion

It’s often said that young people should be encouraged to follow their dreams and that as long as they work hard and apply themselves, they can achieve whatever they want. That much may be broadly true, however, a recent report has revealed that the reality can be greatly different to the ambitions of many students.

With student numbers steadily rising year-on-year since the early 2000’s, more and more young people have their sights set on a university education and a well-paying…

Student’s career aspirations are disconnected from reality

The latest Student Accommodation Survey by Knight Frank has revealed that overall, students living in Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) are the most satisfied with their university accommodation.

The survey collected data from 60,000 domestic and foreign students that live and study in the UK. It explored various topics that related to student accommodation, including student satisfaction and student wellbeing.

In their survey, Knight Frank found that an overwhelming number…

Students living in PBSA schemes are the most satisfied in their accommodation