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Students looking at where to go to university traditionally look for institutions that perform well in their chosen subject, have excellent amenities and, of course, a smashing social scene. Today though, more and more undergraduates look for university locations which can match not only those key requirements, but also increasingly tight purse strings.

For this reason, Consumers’ Association Which? has released its new student budget calculator in an aim to help students decide…

Where is the cheapest place to study in the UK?

“What do students want?”

This is a question which should occupy the mind of a buy-to-let investor looking at Purpose-Built Student Accommodation.

If you are buying a property you should be looking for something that appeals as much as possible to potential tenants – it sounds basic, but it is bizarre how often an investor will purchase an apartment that appeals to them and not the renter. Is it really a surprise when they then end up with long void periods?

With that in…

What do students want?

When looking for your next student accommodation investment it is important to pick a city or town where students are eager to go. The busiest university destinations tend to have a shortage of available university accommodation and many people must rent privately. In addition, if a place is popular you are more likely to have a steady stream of tenants.

At first glance, Middlesbrough is not a place which would draw a landlord in. The town has a poor reputation thanks to outdated…

Investing in Middlesbrough student accommodation

As the government continues to outline its plans for European Union nationals after the UK leaves the EU, there has been concern expressed by university groups about the potential impact it will have on European and international students, and any possible damage it could do to the higher education sector in the UK.

The government recently published its proposals for settling EU citizens in the UK, as reported by the BBC. According to Sajid Javid, the new home secretary, people will…

What will happen to students after we leave the EU?

When looking at a UK student accommodation investment, there are many options. As the sector continues to grow in popularity with investors from around the world it is only natural that an increasing number of developments will spring up.

On the surface, this is good news – more choice means that landlords have more options and can search out the best deals. However, the proliferation of Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) also means that it is becoming harder than ever to…

Investing in Nottingham