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The Times Higher Education has released this year’s results for its student experience survey, highlighting what students value most when picking the institution where they will study for their degree.

The table shows which universities rank the highest for overall experience, taken from a long list of sub-categories which students have stated they value.

It’s important for investors in the Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) sector to understand what students value and…

What do students value when picking a university?

The rise of student accommodation as an investment class is almost old news by now. It is more accurate to talk of the sector as an established, mainstream option for investors looking to expand, diversify or streamline their portfolios.

The high level of steady demand we have been seeing in recent years has encouraged more developers to enter the sector and build a wide array of excellent investment opportunities. It can sometimes be difficult to pick out the best ones – to help…

Where should you invest this week?

Three quarters of graduates will never pay off their student loan

New research released by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has revealed that a majority of students will still be paying off their student debt well into their 50’s, whilst up to three quarters of all graduates will probably never pay off their debt.

Changes that were initially introduced by the coalition government back in 2012 were meant to help disadvantaged students access higher education and encourage…

This week in student property

It has been announced this week that there could be a shakeup in the way that university degrees are priced and charged. An already controversial subject is set to be discussed at length once more as the government appears to be under pressure to ensure that students are getting the best possible value from the degree courses.

In a public display of support for students Theresa May has been doing her utmost to ensure that tuition fees, accommodation and other pressing student concerns…

The degree pricing shake up

They’re one of the fastest growing demographics in UK universities and despite Brexit anxiety; numbers are expected to increase over the coming years. International students are some of the biggest net contributors to the economy and many eventually settle in the UK, bringing with them innovation and ideas whilst paying into the wider economy.

According to the most recent figures released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), a huge 13% of UK students come to study from…

Studying in the UK, what it’s like for international students