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How good accommodation helps universities

How good accommodation helps universities

For those who have already invested in student property, it perhaps won’t come as a major surprise that the quality of accommodation consistently ranks near the top of student priorities when it comes to choosing where to study.

Many universities rank highly in league tables purely for the quality of their education and teaching, but things like nightlife, culture and affordability are also important to students.

There has been new research released recently by The Times Higher Education which highlights the link between good private investment into student accommodation and student satisfaction as well as rising applicant numbers.

According to Times Higher Education (THE), “in-depth data from YouthSight, which compiles the survey, has allowed THE to dig deeper on the scores that underlie the overall performance of universities to reveal which ones have been making the most progress and which have been slipping back.”

Of the highest indicators of increasing satisfaction, provision of high quality facilities was one of the most telling. With regards to this specific measure, the five universities which have increased this indicator the most are The University of East London, Manchester Metropolitan University, Middlesex University, The University of Westminster and Coventry University.

It’s no great coincidence that these five institutions rank highly when taking into consideration the amount of money that has recently been invested into their student accommodation through Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA).

Areas of London, Manchester and Coventry have seen a boom in new developments and investors flocking to snatch up rooms. Both London and Manchester benefit from more than one university, too, meaning that overall demand is regularly high.

The other important factors which were taken into consideration when investigating rising student satisfaction were “personal requirements catered for”, “good environment on campus”, “good societies”, “good community atmosphere”, “good social life”, “well-structured courses”, “helpful/interested staff” and “high quality staff”.

Of course, it could be taken into consideration that good quality Purpose-Built Student Accommodation will more than likely have an input into the outcome of many of those indicators. For example, it is difficult to imagine a good community atmosphere without high-quality accommodation.

The best universities consistently rank highly for all of these indicators, but it is useful to know which places are making the biggest strides forward in delivering these to students so that landlords can spot emerging trends.

Due to the soaring popularity of the asset class it may well become a game of spotting emerging markets in the coming years.

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