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Investing in Middlesbrough student accommodation

Investing in Middlesbrough student accommodation

When looking for your next student accommodation investment it is important to pick a city or town where students are eager to go. The busiest university destinations tend to have a shortage of available university accommodation and many people must rent privately. In addition, if a place is popular you are more likely to have a steady stream of tenants.

At first glance, Middlesbrough is not a place which would draw a landlord in. The town has a poor reputation thanks to outdated regional stereotyping, and many property-owning landlords would not consider moving there.

However, that is not the point. This place which was once a globally significant home for steel production is now somewhat different and is extremely appealing to students – the people who landlords will be renting property to.

Students love the town, with Teesside University being home to approximately 20,000 students at any one time. It might not be as large as the nearby Newcastle or Sunderland but Middlesbrough has a lot going on in its own right, as well as being only a short train journey away from these cities.

“Boro”, as it is affectionately known, is a place with a real sense of community where the locals embrace the students in a way that is unusual in university towns. It is a friendly, happy place where young people can grow up and get a good education without the pressures of being in London or Manchester. The public transport network is superb, and the university itself is of a high quality.

In addition to this, Middlesbrough is one of the best places in the UK for students looking for a good night out – a trait it shares with everywhere else in the North East. Whether they are looking for big night clubs, local pubs, live music venues or anything else, students can find it in Middlesbrough. All of this is a big bonus for landlords as students often choose where to go based on what entertainment is on offer.

Overall it is no surprise that Middlesbrough is so popular with students, and therefore why it should be popular with property investors as well. Any bad reputation the town has is generally because of people who have never been there, so take the advice of people who have and take a look at this fantastic town when considering your next student accommodation investment.

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