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Leeds and Sheffield in UK’s top ten for “student experience”

Leeds and Sheffield in UK’s top ten for “student experience”

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When investing in student accommodation it is vital to always bear in mind the needs and wants of your future student tenants. Students are just like everyone else in that they will have little to no interest in living miles away from the facilities and amenities which they need from day to day.

The main point of attending university is to earn a high quality education and learn some of the skills which will serve you for the rest of your life. Learning how to write, read and research properly are key skills for almost
every job graduates will ever do.

Of course, there is another side to attending university outside of the classroom. Education is about more than just becoming a robot who can write a decent research paper to a deadline, it is about taking the first steps to becoming a well-rounded grown up person. Socialising with fellow students and meeting new people is absolutely key to that, whether that ends up being trips to the local pubs or taking part in a range of extra-curricular activities and clubs.

Leeds and Sheffield are two of the UK’s largest universities and members of the renowned Russell Group. The two cities share around 120,000 students between them. The University of Leeds receives the most applications in the country and the city produces 10% of all UK graduates.

With all that in mind, it is good news for investors that in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings Survey 2016, Sheffield and Leeds figure so highly. As well as being sixth and third in the overall rankings, the two cities are joint top in the “good social life” category and joint second in the “good extracurricular activities/societies” category:

Sheffield also came top for “good community atmosphere”:

The Times Higher Education Survey is voted for every year by over 15,000 students and directly represents the views of students, your prospective tenants, on what they are looking for from their university life and therefore from their accommodation.

The fact that students in Leeds and Sheffield speak so highly of the student experience is great news for landlords in those cities.

The overall number of university applicants has increased again in 2016 – In January UCAS reported a 0.2% rise over 2015. This puts numbers of new students as high as they were before the tripling of university fees in 2012 deflated the intake. Numbers are likely to at least stabilise at the current level, if not increase in the future, barring another rise in fees to put people off the idea.

A large number of students will continue to be attracted to the great social life in Leeds and Sheffield which will keep the student accommodation market strong.