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Liverpool’s regeneration and what it means for student property investment

Liverpool’s regeneration and what it means for student property investment

Liverpool is currently in the midst of a massive regeneration plan worth a staggering £14 billion, with the hopes of improving the already impressive economy, and 2020 is set to be an extremely prosperous year for the Merseyside metropolitan borough. Numerous developments are expected to see a large amount of progress throughout the year, with the economical boost only adding to the city’s appealing buy-to-let market. One of the most attractive sectors in the buy-to-let market is purpose-built student accommodation, with impressive rental returns and low void periods making student property investment extremely prosperous. Liverpool is home to one of the strongest student property markets, and the regeneration expected over the next year and beyond will add to the appeal for both students and investors alike. So, what does 2020 have in store for Liverpool and what does this mean for investing in student accommodation?

Knowledge Quarter

Siontec Liverpool was launched in 2019 with the aim to bring together the existing Knowledge Quarter – home to the city’s array of Science and Technology assets – and create a dedicated neighbourhood for the city’s award-winning universities, hospitals and science park.

The Knowledge Quarter is already home to some of the world’s leading players in science, health, tech, culture and education and has over £1 billion worth of new developments underway, including the Paddington Village site that is set to become a home for major research facilities. Throughout 2020, the Knowledge Quarter is set to promote Liverpool as one of the world’s most innovative cities and offer even more opportunities for all.

Liverpool Waterfront

Liverpool’s waterfront is another area of the city undergoing a large amount of regeneration. The Peel Group acquired The Mersey Docks and Harbour Company in 2006 and set out their 30-year vision to transform the city’s waterfront to compete with the likes of Hamburg, Boston, Toronto and Barcelona in terms of the scale and diversity that the waterfront offers.

The £5.5 billion project has already brought new businesses, jobs, homes and leisure space to the waterfront, completely transforming the area. 2020 is set to see the development of the Cruise Liner Terminal and Hotel.

Isle of Man Ferry

2020 will also see work on the delayed Isle of Man Ferry terminal at Princes Dock finally begin. The £38 million scheme is set for completion by the summer of next year after key political figures in Liverpool including Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram and Deputy Liverpool Mayor Cllr Lynnie Hinnigan, as well as Isle of Man chief minister Howard Quayle all attended an event to discuss the project.

The new terminal is part of the aforementioned Liverpool Waters development and is expected to generate an estimated £3.2 million for the regional economy and attract even further investments into the waterfront.

Everton Stadium

Another exciting development that is expected to gain some traction throughout the year is Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium, the new home for Everton FC. The stadium will be located withing Liverpool’s World Heritage Site and have a capacity of 52,000 seats – the eighth-biggest stadium in terms of capacity in the Premier League. The new stadium is set to bring plenty of excitement for Everton fans and only adds to the already impressive Liverpool waterfront.

Transport Links

Liverpool’s large city centre has so much to offer, and transportation around the city is key. With this in mind a massive £172 million is set to be invested into transport throughout the city. Some of the key developments include new train stations at the ever-growing Baltic Triangle and Kirkby’s Headbolt Lane, investments into the cycling network in order to encourage even more people to cycle instead of drive, and transformations of both The Strand and Lime Street to offer a more pedestrian-friendly and greener space.

Why should you invest in Liverpool student property?

The appeal of student property investment is clear to see. The city is home to some of the finest education establishments in the country, with the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University among the most popular. Liverpool is home to an estimated 50,000 students, a large number of which are international students. The University of Liverpool alone has over 7,000 international students in attendance, only enhancing the need for private owned student accommodation.

The aforementioned investments into the city centre, in particularly the Knowledge Quarter regeneration, only help to identify the importance of the student population in Liverpool, and in turn the student property market. The constant demand for private accommodation makes for a very appealing investment opportunity, with consistently strong yields and lack of void periods, and the demand is expected to grow in the future. The growing student tenant base ensures a constant income for private owners and impressive rental returns all year around.

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