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Manchester and Liverpool dominate North West university league table

Manchester and Liverpool dominate North West university league table

Manchester and Liverpool dominate North West university league table

The complete university guide has released its latest rankings for 2018 and has provided definitive rankings for each area of the country.

As the North West quickly becomes the go to area for Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) investors, we took a look at the rankings and what student numbers for these universities means for investors in the North West.

1. Lancaster University

Located, according to its website, on a beautiful campus in the North West of England, the University places great emphasis on a strong student experience and employability and gives students access to academics who are experts in their field.

It goes on to say that Lancaster is one of only a handful of universities with a collegiate system which has helped to forge a strong sense of identity and loyalty, and continues to be a distinctive feature of student life at Lancaster. Students from one hundred countries make up a thriving community based around our nine colleges, creating a culturally diverse campus in a location that boasts the combination of city, coast and countryside.

Lancaster’s community, according to the university, extends far beyond the campus with research, teaching and student exchange partnerships with leading universities and institutions in 24 countries around the world.

With increased student numbers this year, and a trend for attracting increasing numbers of new alumni from the UK and abroad, the university has seen demand for property in the surrounding areas increase significantly.

PBSA construction around the city hasn’t been as significant or as speedy as in larger competitor cities like Manchester or Liverpool but yields and capital gains remain strong around the area and Lancaster sits across the North West comfortably with its contemporaries for performance.

2nd & 5th Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan University

Both universities, but especially Manchester Met, have been through a huge investment scheme recently which has seen impressive new buildings appearing across the city with top class facilities.

Research and development as well as facilities for the arts have improved hugely and there are few universities across the UK or Europe that are investing as much into keeping pace with advances in technology and research.

This has been reflected in student numbers for both with Manchester and Manchester Met registering increased student numbers this year in comparison to 2016.

PBSA performance across the city is as strong as anywhere across the UK and new properties and ‘student pods’ are appearing on to the market regularly, meaning that for student accommodation investors Manchester remains one of the high fliers.

3rd & 4th Liverpool University and Liverpool Hope

Occupying 3rd and 4th spot respectively are Liverpool and Liverpool Hope universities; with Liverpool Hope University jumping an impressive 24 places from last year’s ranking thanks in part to its large investment scheme.

As a city, Liverpool ranks similarly to Manchester in terms of the scope for investment and the rate at which new and re-sale ‘pods’ become available.

The major benefit with Liverpool and Manchester is that often residential landlords who purchase Buy-To-Let off plan in these areas branch further into student investment as graduates of both cities tend to stay and resettle, meaning that there is a real long term investment prospect.

Liverpool as a city is enjoying largescale investment at the moment meaning that across the area wealth and jobs are improving almost exponentially.

Student investment in Liverpool is booming, too, as both universities see increasing interest from UK students as well as international students, in particular from the EU.

Liverpool, Manchester and Lancaster present the PBSA asset class in microcosm in terms of world class universities in world class cities working together to provide a premium living experience which offers student landlords opportunities on yields and capital growth unlike most places in Europe.