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Market in focus: Sheffield

Market in focus: Sheffield

Sheffield is one of the most attractive student accommodation investment locations in the entire country. It’s home to over 60,000 students and offers the perfect opportunity for investors looking for buy-to-let purpose-built student accommodation. Here are just a few reasons why Sheffield is so popular with both students and investors:


You can’t have students without a place to study, and Sheffield has plenty on offer. Students are spoilt for choice, with the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University both offering great educational opportunities. According to the 2020 QS World University Rankings, The University of Sheffield (UoS) is rated as the 78th best university in the world, 13th in the UK and 1st in Yorkshire and the Humber. The UoS also benefits from being one of the 24 universities in the UK that make up the Russell Group. The Russell Group represents 24 leading UK universities that provide undergraduate and postgraduate students with outstanding opportunities to learn. Sheffield Hallam on the other hand was voted as The Times and The Sunday Times University of the Year for Teaching Quality 2020, recognising the consistently high student satisfaction scores. Hallam also offers placement opportunities with over 3,500 organisations – from the BBC to Rolls Royce.


The city has a rich industrial history, developing immensely throughout the industrial revolution thanks to its geographical location and fast-flowing rivers and many settlements developed during this time still stand to this day. Sheffield’s more recent history is extremely full of culture, with the city being one of the most vibrant and creative places for young individuals. One of the biggest staples in recent times is the influx of modern music stars from Sheffield, with acts such as the Human League, Pulp, Def Leppard and probably the most successful of the bunch - Arctic Monkeys - all hailing from the South Yorkshire town. The ever-thriving cultural scene of the city – boasting beer, music and festivals to name a few – makes for an extremely appealing atmosphere for students in search of independence.


Sheffield’s transport options have improved drastically over the past few years thanks to the ‘Sheffield City Region Transport Strategy’. This is a 15-year plan started back in 2011 aiming to meet the wide range of needs and support that different types of travellers or businesses need whilst reducing emissions from vehicles in order to benefit the environment. There have already been massive improvements, with Sheffield becoming one of the most accessible cities in the country thanks to the number of options available for both getting there and getting around. Sheffield train station offers direct lines to numerous destinations – including Leeds, Nottingham and Manchester – as well as multiple connections along the way. Inside the city centre is just as accessible, with multiple bus and tram services on offer to get around the vast majority of the city. If public transport isn’t for you, the city has a number of taxi firms to choose from as well as taxi ranks at the railway station. The compact city centre makes for a relatively cheap journey the majority of the time.

Why invest?

It’s clear to see why Sheffield is so popular among students, but why should you invest here? Well Sheffield is a city on the up, with an ever-growing economy to match. It’s estimated that the Sheffield economy is currently worth £7 billion per year – a £4 billion increase since 1997 and it seems that the Sheffield City Region aim to maintain this upward trajectory, with a 10 year ‘Strategic Economic Plan’ being put into place in 2015. The strategies main goals include:

- 70,000 more jobs

- 6,000 more businesses

- £3 Billion increase in GVA

- 30,000 highly skilled occupations

With the plan now underway Sheffield’s economy is only going to continue to grow – making it the perfect time to invest. Interested? Find out more about our investment opportunities in Sheffield here!