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More University Students than Ever Before

More University Students than Ever Before

This year has seen the highest amount of students ever accepted into university. Following A-Level results day, where many received the good news that they’d got into their first or second university of choice, the total number of students increased by 4% on the previous year to 426,070.

Although the numbers going to university dropped in 2012 following tuition fee increases, the number of students has since been steadily rising to pre-increase levels. It is expected that in the next few years the previous record number of students will be broken.

Popularity of University

So why does this figure keep rising despite the high cost of tuition? One reason is because higher education has such a strong appeal to young adults. Not only because of the traditional reasons: such as enhanced job prospects, but also because university is increasingly being portrayed as giving students the best years of their life. And it appears this is worth the high price tag.

Another reason the amount of students is up is because 2015 marks the first year that universities’ caps on students are lifted. From now on, universities can take on as many students as they think they can accommodate.

Unsurprisingly, this has led to universities being in more competition than ever before to attract quality candidates. No longer can they rely on a strong academic reputation alone, instead a focus on the student lifestyle is essential. To fulfil that promise of the ‘ultimate university experience’ universities are investing in new buildings, improved Student Unions and integrated marketing campaigns to show it all off.

Student Accommodation

However, one of the most important ways of impressing students is the provision of top quality student accommodation. Modern students want sophisticated apartments with stylish interiors, on-site facilities like gyms and cinema rooms along with quality fixtures and fittings. And, similarly to the higher costs of courses, they’re willing to spend a lot more on finding the perfect accommodation.

A number of features which were once seen as luxuries, such as en-suites, superfast Wi-Fi, and bills included, are now seen as must-haves for students. But with more students going to university than ever before, the properties that tick these boxes are highly sought after and often get filled up well before term starts.

One example of this style of student accommodation is Borden Court, a hugely popular student development in Liverpool’s city centre. With 117 boutique student rooms, this is the perfect accommodation for social students of all years. Borden Court’s popularity is also thanks to its brilliant location in the heart of the city, with both Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Liverpool are only a short walk away.

For more information on Borden Court, or any other student investment opportunities, click here.