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Regional Universities Named UK’S ‘Greenest’

Manchester Metropolitan University and Plymouth University came out top of the class, in a recent study where they were named as the ‘greenest universities’ in the UK.

The regional universities held the top two places in The People & Planet Green League, which ranks 143 universities on their environmental performance.

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) came first in the league table, as a result of their £75m Business School and Student Hub which incorporates rainwater recycling and a borehole heating system, in addition to their All Saints Campus which unites both green roofs and solar panels with student living.

Plymouth University managed to retain their second place standing from last year’s table because of their Centre for Sustainable Futures, which not only embeds aspects of sustainability across the Plymouth campus, but also helps institutions across the country to perform similarly. The university’s green policies covering travel, recycling and waste, as well as energy and water management also enabled them to achieve their high position on the ‘green’ table.

The 143 universities ranked in the table were judged on a number of factors, including environmental policy, carbon management, waste recycling, transport emissions and water consumption.

Edinburgh Napier came top of the Scottish list, with Gloucestershire, Worcester and Brighton helped complete the UK top five.