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The easiest universities to get into

The easiest universities to get into

Thankfully for most students the period of gnawing anxiety before exam results and the potential chaos of trying to get through clearing have now passed and most are now settled into their new halls of residence waiting to start their journey through education and into the adult world.

We’ve seen this year that application and acceptance rates are at a continual healthy level and that higher education, in the whole, remains popular and is still inspiring kids to take the plunge and move away from home.

Those in the Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) sector have known this for some time, but it’s always reassuring to know that having invested in student accommodation, despite the high profits, that demand remains constant and growing.

One thing we can now look at, however, is which universities are more accepting and which choose to be more exclusive, with some surprises and some expected appearances.

Perhaps unsurprisingly Oxford and Cambridge ranked as the top two hardest universities to be accepted to, accepting just a quarter of those who had applied to them. For those investors who have recently been looking at areas to invest into student property, it’s perhaps not too disappointing in that respect, with the property markets around the two universities offering little value.

There are cases where universities aren’t able to offer many places due to strictly limited availability, as is the case with University of the Arts London and Leeds Arts University, two of only a small number of specialist arts universities.

More surprisingly, there are prestigious universities with very high acceptance rates. For example, Durham and Warwick offer places to 70% and 75% of applicants respectively. Durham, in the top 100 universities in the world according to The Times, makes a high number of offers potentially due to its location in the North East but is a good example of areas that are high performing for student landlords due to a low cost entry to market combined with high yields and demand.

The institution with the highest offer rate was the University of Aberystwyth with a staggering 96.10% acceptance rate from applicants. The overall average was just under 70% across the board, which goes someway to demonstrate the marketisation of the industry as universities invest heavily in being able to provide more places to students in order to increase revenue.

To this end most universities have been working closely with private developers looking to provide top quality accommodation to students, with universities largely stepping away from providing their own student halls accommodations as the private sector steps in with superior provision.

Investors have lapped up the opportunity, too, with the sector expanding rapidly in recent years as a reflection of this environment of universities expanding quickly to accommodate higher demand. Yields, profits and net investment as a result have exploded in just the past five years.

Looking at these statistics it’s highly unlikely that the demand will abate in the coming five years as students get a taste for student life and are willing to pay for the best experience. If you’re looking to invest in PBSA contact us today to find out more about the highest yielding student cities!