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The most popular student cities in the world

The most popular student cities in the world

A new piece of research has been released by which takes a look at which of the world’s cities are most popular with students. The website compiled the list using data from enquiries for accommodation across the world.

It threw up some surprising and not-so-surprising results, with the UK boasting seven of the top ten on the list. London came out on top but Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow also ranked highly in popularity.

Sydney and Melbourne came second and third respectively, with Los Angeles the only other international city on the list. Here we’ll take a look at the UK cities featuring on the list.


The UK capital, London boasts some of the finest universities in the world as well as being within travelling distance of Cambridge and Oxford universities, two of the best establishments globally.

London does, however, also host the London School of Economics (LSE), Imperial College London and Queen Mary University of London.

London doesn’t come cheap, though, with student accommodation in the capital amongst the most expensive in the world.


One of Europe’s biggest student cities and home to three world class universities, the heart of the north of England is host to some extremely exciting student property projects, not least Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) developments near Salford University.

Manchester is also booming thanks in no small part to the fact that so many students choose to settle in the city after graduation. With plenty of job opportunities and great places to live, many are relocating from the south and settling further north.

Cost of living, property prices, average earnings and quality of life are all consistent with what many are looking for and many of the up-and-coming tech sectors have a comfortable home in the north west.


The home of The Beatles is also now home to some of the most stunning city centre scenery anywhere, with the docks in Liverpool offering the very best for students.

Legendary nightlife, world class culture and two excellent universities also offer students a truly unique experience and, like Manchester, many end up staying after falling in love with the place.

PBSA investments are easy to come by, too, with low price of entry and excellent yields, landlords can always be confident that Liverpool will be in demand from students all across the world.

With the Norther Powerhouse project also getting into full swing in an effort to join the city up with Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle, Hull and Leeds there is also a real feeling of a bright future ahead.

All of the UK’s university cities are currently bustling with activity and are proving popular with potential students all across the world which is great news for prospective PBSA landlords looking to get involved with an asset class that is currently going from strength to strength, and there is currently a limited but exciting stock of student property currently up for sale.