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UK Education System Named Second Best in Europe

UK Education System Named Second Best in Europe

British Education is the 6th best in the world

The UK education system has been heralded as second only to Finland throughout Europe and the sixth greatest throughout the world, in a global education table released this week.

With the UK generally having higher levels of university enrolment than most other countries, it was no surprise that the country’s graduation rates propelled the UK into such a strong position.

This impressive performance will see the attractiveness of Britain as a possible university destination jump among international students, furthering the prestige with which gaining a British education is already regarded.

The results saw the UK’s education system rated above those of Germany, the USA and France, with Finland being the only European Country ranked higher.

International school test results also played a part in the rankings and if the UK was ranked on only these, they would have failed to make the top 20, showing the vital part played by the country’s university education system in securing 6th place.

Asia topped Europe as the best performing continent, with four of the top five ranked countries coming from the continent. South Korea claimed top place, with Japan in second, Singapore in third, and Hong Kong in fourth, completing Asia’s dominance within the top five.

Finland, ranked first place in last year’s results, dropped to fifth reflecting a general drop in performance among Scandinavian countries in the latest rankings. Poland’s performance, however, was bolstered as a result of dramatic reforms to their education system, which saw them shoot into the top ten.

The lowest ranked country in Europe was Greece highlighting the effect poor performing economies can have on education, while a group of emerging economies including Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia were placed at the bottom of the table.

The comparisons were put together by the Economist Intelligence Unit, who also provided an additional report, claiming the success of well-performing Asian countries came as a result of an environment where pupils regard their teachers with respect and students and parents alike take responsibility for their education.