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UK universities come highly rated from overseas students

UK universities come highly rated from overseas students

Research from Universities UK International has highlighted that international students who study in the United Kingdom have higher levels of satisfaction compared to those studying in other countries.

The analysis was carried out in the form of a survey of 137,000 International students in the UK along with 5 other key international student countries – The Netherlands, Germany, United States of America, Canada and Australia.

The feedback showed that 91% of international higher education students across all levels were satisfied with their university experience in the UK.

The study, named The UK’s Competitive Advantage only goes to strengthen the internationally recognised reputation that the United Kingdom has for providing world class education. The survey assessed five key measures as part of the student’s experience including - overall satisfaction, learning environment, arrival and orientation, living, and support services, of which UK destinations scored highly in all departments.

In addition, the investigation found that students who are looking to study overseas at all levels are influenced highly by the reputation of an intuition, with 93% of postgraduates agreeing that reputation is a key factor when making a choice about where to study while 97% of postgraduate students agreed that the most important factor in choosing a university is the quality of research at their chosen institution – this means that the UK will continue to be a popular choice among those overseas as the approval from peers looking to recommend study in the UK proves to be unwavering.

Vivienne Stern, director of Universities UK International, commented that “This study highlights the UK’s strength in the student experience, at every level, and across a wide range of measures: from the quality of the teaching and learning experience, through to the warmth of welcome received. International students are an important part of university communities and bring diversity to the student experience.”

With the results of the research showing that overseas students feel supported in their environment, as well as happy with the quality of their courses, the UK demonstrates once again its value as an overseas study destination – great news for the student investment sector as it looks as though the popularity of UK universities will continue to allure overseas students to the country, diversifying and strengthening the UK offer.

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