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Up Another 4%, UK University Applications Just Keep Rising!

Up Another 4%, UK University Applications Just Keep Rising!

More students are applying to university

June 30th marked the last day of UCAS applications for potential 2014/2015 students, and once again UCAS were astounded by the sheer amount of applications, 659,030 to be exact. “These figures are excellent news.” Director of fair access to higher education Professor Lee Ebdon said.

In total there was a rise of 4% for applications to start courses in September compared with last year. It seems the appeal of higher education and the doors it opens for graduates is only growing each year, “Applicants are clearly recognising the advantages of higher education.” Remarked Ebdon.

Interestingly, the highest rise of UCAS applications came from Non-EU students. Here there were 6% more applications than last year. This is great news for the student property sector, as overseas students need places to stay as they complete their degrees.

EU students were also very interested in the UK university system. 5% more applications were received from those living in the European Union than last year. Perhaps thanks to the great reputation of British higher education. Ebdon is full of praise for the university experience, calling it a “potentially life-changing journey.”

From the British Isles; Northern Ireland remained steady, but there were rises in applications from the other countries. Wales saw a 2% increase, and England and Scotland both had an even higher 3%. “Our economy and society will continue to benefit from the consistent supply of high-qualified graduates.” According to Edbon.

Nicola Dandridge, the Chief Executive of university umbrella group Universities UK, also pointed out that “The opportunities afforded by higher education are not just there for young people, but also for people of any age.” Highlighting the increase of 9,000 more mature students compared with last year.

Dandridge continued; “We are a knowledge-based economy and rely increasingly on people to develop their skills throughout their lives.” With UCAS statistics showing rising figures year on year, with students undaunted by tuition fees, the future for students, and in turn student accommodation, is looking strong.