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What do students value when picking a university?

What do students value when picking a university?

The Times Higher Education has released this year’s results for its student experience survey, highlighting what students value most when picking the institution where they will study for their degree.

The table shows which universities rank the highest for overall experience, taken from a long list of sub-categories which students have stated they value.

It’s important for investors in the Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) sector to understand what students value and look for when choosing where to take their undergraduate courses as it can be a key indicator for demand. This demand, over time, will also provide a good indication of potential yields and rental growth and the longevity of any investment.

As an example, city centres or large towns with transport links to major urban centres and more than one university are often hotbeds of demand and activity due to the fact that students can move to an area that offers a multitude of amenities, nightlife and study options.

According to the new survey by The Times Higher Education Loughborough University ranks highest across the entire UK for overall experience, followed by Harper Adams in Newport, Wales, University of Leeds, University of Bath and the University of Sheffield.

The survey takes in to account indicators of experience such as quality of staff, course structure, social life, environment, facilities, accommodation, security and amenities in the local area.

In a further study of student priorities, The Times Higher Education found that the top ten priorities for selecting a university were; the course on offer, the reputation of the university, career opportunities, transport links, university facilities, distance from home, affordability, accommodation, support services and, in number ten, university culture such as arts, food and attractions.

This illustrates perfectly the complex matter of a good and profitable PBSA investment. If we take Manchester or Leeds as an example, we can tick off the majority of the priorities in that list with great courses, high employment rates post-graduation, world renowned reputations, major rail and road links, a central location, low cost of living, abundance of private accommodation on offer and excellent staffing.

These are all considerations for investors looking to make a good return on their money in an asset class which is rising in popularity year-on-year. The savvy investor should have the interests of the students as a top priority when looking to buy.

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