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Where Should You Invest? The Latest Results are Out

Where Should You Invest? The Latest Results are Out

Leeds, home to Lovell Park, is one of the Top 10 places to invest into

These days, savvy investors often turn to the student property market when looking for a reliable and high yielding investment.

Student numbers are increasing, and so are their expectations of what they want from their accommodation.

Choosing a contemporary, high-spec student property with impressive facilities and an enviable location, close to the local university campus, is one of the keys to a successful investment.

However, the other key is to try and find a property which won’t be too expensive to buy, will offer high returns, and will see students wanting to live there year on year.

The eMoov University Property Index has recently revealed some of the best locations in the UK to invest into student property. Interestingly, unlike other investment indeces which contrast property price and average rent to find the best yields, this list is based on house prices and UCAS points (which are the points used as entry requirements by universities).The logic behind it is that the universities with higher UCAS thresholds are always going to be highly sought after by students, and therefore offer investors reliable yields as they get filled every year.

However, despite the different criteria, the results are all too similar to more traditional reports on student housing, and once again the best student investment properties are found in the North.

This is no surprise to anyone familiar with the student property investment market. StudentPodShop has always promoted the impressive yields and popular nature of regional and Northern properties. In fact, a few of the cities featured in this report are home to developments featured on StudentPodShop.

2nd place:


The development:

St. Andrews Court has a central location close to the river and a ten minute walk to Strathclyde University.

St. Andrews Court

6th place:


The development:

Minerva House is made up of 151 luxurious studios with facilities likened to that of a boutique hotel.

Minerva House

8th place:


The development:

Lovell Park and St. Ann’s Lodge are found in popular student areas, close to university campuses and lots of local amenities.

St. Ann's Lodge
St. Ann’s Lodge

As for London, again it’s a similar tale to many other property investment indexes, with the capital floundering at the bottom of the list. Of the 117 universities eMoov listed, the highest ranking for any of London’s 19 universities was Queen Mary University at 94th.

As for the top of the list, according to eMoov, the ten most lucrative universities to invest into were:

1. Durham

2. Strathclyde (Glasgow)

3. Manchester

4. Edinburgh

5. Warwick

6. Nottingham

7. Lancaster

8. Leeds

9. St. Andrews

10. Aberdeen

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