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Which degrees are the best value for money?

Which degrees are the best value for money?

Students are back at university and getting back down to studying as the winter gets closer and the days draw in. Universities, more popular now than almost ever before, are offering a wider variety of degree courses than at any other time.

In an age of competitive markets for tertiary education, the focus for big universities now is how to keep their courses fresh, how to keep them engaging and, most of all, make them good value for money.

Value for money can, of course, mean totally different things to different people. Value for money may, for one student, mean an enjoyable and engaging course whilst another may be more interested in career prospects and potential earnings. Regardless of the variances, on the whole most students agree what represents value for a not insignificant outlay these days.

That has now been looked at in greater detail as researchers have asked students which degree courses they feel offer the best return on their investment. The Student Academic Experience Survey (SAES) 2018 collated responses from over 14,000 UK students to reveal which courses students felt were the best and worst.

Interestingly, almost a third of students (32%) felt that their course was not good value for money, with this representing a small drop of 2% from the previous year, indicating small improvements. Those who consider their degree good value for money has also increased from 35% last year to 38% this year.

When they were asked to break things down, it emerged that students of medicine and dentistry found their course the best value for money, with 62% agreeing. Second was vetinary sciences and agriculture, and at third were physical sciences. In fact, the whole top 4 subjects were related to medicine, suggesting that students value potential future earnings over almost anything else when it came to satisfaction with their course.

The bottom 3 subjects made for interesting reading with Business and Administrative studies coming out worst for student satisfaction, with just 28% agreeing it was good value. Slightly better were Historical and Philosophical studies, and social studies, both with only 29% of students agreeing that they were good value.

Unsurprisingly, Russell Group university students were the most satisfied overall, with 42% of their students feeling like they were getting a good return on their money.

For investors looking for good investment opportunities it would make sense for them to be aware which universities had the most satisfied students as they’re more likely to invest in better accommodation and see out the entirety of their university course.

Low satisfaction often indicates high dropout rates which are never good for student landlords as students may leave properties before their tenancy has completed, with the costs for landlords high with it being difficult to find replacement tenants.

Overall, it seems, universities with medicinal courses are the way forward for happy and engaged students and tenants.

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